Arina Orlova is a visual artist and an illustrator born and raised in Moscow, Russia where she studied Graphic Arts and worked in fields of Graphic Design and Illustration. Currently she lives and works in London where she completed an MA in Visual Arts / Illustration in Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

The main theme of Arina’s work is the investigation of personal and modern Mythology. Myths are the stories we tell about the world in order to understand it. They exist in all present societies, as well as past, and form an essential part of human life. However mythical truth is not literal, historic or scientific; myth is a form of communication, it transforms meaning into form. Arina attempts to stop taking things for granted and focus on how they function as signs. She decodes everyday Myths by studying prominent idolised figures in contemporary culture and exploring the narrative of myth and its role in cycles of human relationship to the world of mass media. She searches for patterns and cultural common points and often finds her subjects in the language of data and statistics. Found images and limited palette are essential for the artist’s visual language.

For commissions, artwork sales or any other enquiries please contact Arina on info@arinaorlova.com


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